Monday, July 7, 2008

piss factory

mer records # 601.

Written by Patti Smith in collaboration with Richard Sohl. Performed with Richard Sohl on piano, and Lenny Kaye on guitar.

The flip side boasted Tom Verlaine on lead guitar, and what a 'version' it was.

PATTI SMITH: PISS FACTORY from "Hey Joe (Version) b/w Piss Factory" 45 (Mer) 1974 (US)



Your driver said...

Another classy choice. Don't think I've ever seen an original copy of this. I did have Mer's other release, Man Ah Warrior by Tappa Zukie. Still love that one too. I think what I like best about Patti is not her music. She is the last of the real old time bohemians. Most rock musicians these days seem so mundane. If they weren't musicians they'd be accountants. If Patti weren't a rich successful bohemian, she'd be a poor defiant bohemian.

ib said...

I keep looking (well not really "all the time"!) back at really early photographs of her, not necessarily by Mapplethorpe either, and being surprised at just how beautiful she was in a very offbeat way. She was uniquely iconic back then, and the word is usually so overused.

By the way, I don't own the original Mer release - the label photograph was gleaned from elsewhere; the one I had was the re-release on Sire, about a couple of years later at least.