Monday, July 21, 2008

massachusetts (twice)

the mighty jonathan richman.

Born in Natick, Massachusetts on May 16, 1951, Jonathan Richman moved to New York City in 1969 hoping to cement his infatuation with the Velvet Underground. That's 'GLUED" to you. After a spell sleeping and living on the Velvets' then manager, Steve Sesnick's couch, Richman returned to Boston nursing a somewhat bruised ego. Down but never out, he recorded a session of demos with John Cale in 1972.

"She Cracked" can be found, of course, on 1976's debut proper, "The Modern Lovers", released on Beserkley. The original demo, I think, is just a little superior.

Thanks to WZJN for engaging me in thinking more on Massachusetts following yesterday's Barbarians post, and Jon for reminding me that
I'd completely neglected to mention Jonathan in an aberrant fit of premature senility.

JONATHAN RICHMAN: SHE CRACKED (1972 DEMO) from "Rough Trade Shops: Rock and Roll 1" 2 x CD (ROUGH TRADE) 2001 (US/UK)



Your driver said...

Wow, I never heard this one. It's great. Thanks.

ib said...

Yo, Jon! Glad you like it. Better than "Sticking With You", maybe! Although, that one's maybe for a later day...

Brushback said...

Yes, I prefer the demo version, also. In fact, it's of my favorite songs ever, as you can see:

Top 5 Songs

ib said...

Nice high five, brushback. Hey, Jonathan R. AND Big Star AND The Replacements. Cool.

You got good taste. But I guessed that already!