Saturday, July 19, 2008

san quentin

original punk rocker, and still king of the hill, mr. johnny cash.

JOHNNY CASH: SAN QUENTIN #I from "Johnny Cash At San Quentin" LP (Columbia) 1969 (US)

JOHNNY CASH: SAN QUENTIN #2 from "Johnny Cash At San Quentin" LP (Columbia) 1969 (US)



Brushback said...

Can't argue against Johnny Cash.

ib said...

Hey, brushback. The man is the man. Deffo. Can't bring myself to watch that bio-pic, though. The one with River Phoenix's brother. Rosa tells me it's good but I remain unconvinced.

Brushback said...

I've seen parts of that movie, and it's too hard for me to look at the screen without thinking the whole time, "That's not Johnny Cash, that's just some twerp who doesn't even look like him." Ruins it for me.

ib said...

Exactly. They might as well have got Tom Cruise to play him... It's impossible to suspend disbelief.

Mike said...

Actually... I think it's a really decent portrayal. You should check it out!

ib said...

Well, as I said previously, Rosa really likes it; in fact... (adopting Victor Kayam voiceover)... she went so far as to run out and buy the DVD.

I don't know. Everytime I've tried to sit down and watch it, I can't see past the 'acting'. I just can't persevere with it.