Tuesday, July 8, 2008

mink deville

los cholas y los españoles dan un paseo.

this one is inspired by Jon's recent plugging of Willy DeVille, and also his respect for Sandow Birk; BFP; and les cholas everywhere.

Cadillac Walk was written by John 'Moon' Martin. The LP was produced by Jack Nitzche. Old School!

"Hey babe, you got awfully long fingers... D'ya play the piano ?"

MINK DEVILLE: SPANISH STROLL from "Cabretta" LP (Capitol) 1977 (US)
MINK DEVILLE: CADILLAC WALK from "Cabretta" LP (Capitol) 1977 (US)


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ib said...

I had been playing around with this instant translation widget thing I got some time back, and I'd decided to put it to some use here.

Anyway, I was scrolling through some older posts when I hit on this one and realised I'd translated the subheading into french, which kind of defeated the original intention...

It's sorted. But if you're a fluent Spanish speaker, no doubt it still doesn't make 100% sense.