Tuesday, July 8, 2008

flowers of romance

flowers #2 by ib, SibLINGSHOT ON THE BLEACHERS.
I originally photographed these flowers in front of a rain swept window about ten years ago, when my son's mother was pregnant with him. The image is one of a series of four.

Now in the summer
/ I could be happy or in distress /
Depending on the company
/ On the veranda /
Talk of the future or reminisce / Behind the dialogue /
We're in a mess /
Whatever I intended
/ I sent you flowers /
You wanted chocolates instead
/ The flowers of romance /
The flowers of romance
I've got binoculars
/ On top of boxhill / I could be Nero /
Fly the eagle
/ Start all over again /
I can't depend on these so-called friends
It's a pity you need to bend
I'll take the furniture
/ Start all over again
Written by John Lydon and Keith Levene. With Martin Atkins*.

Primal Drumming.

FLOWERS OF ROMANCE from "The Flowers Of Romance" LP (Virgin) 1981 (UK)
PUBLIC IMAGE LTD: UNDER THE HOUSE * from "The Flowers Of Romance" LP (Virgin) 1981 (UK)


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