Thursday, July 10, 2008

goin' back to miami, part ii: ex-con on the loose

i am a fugitive from a chain gang, twice.

I was just listening to some Fugs when this sprang to mind. If my memory serves me well, this wonderful song is "borrowed" from a post on the splendid Record Robot and is a vanity press release by the rather wonderfully named ex-con, Floyd McLellan.

Mike, from RR, originally went on record:

"It appears to be a self produced vanity project, recorded in San Diego, CA in 1978, and I anticipated that it would be quite bad, in a good way. Turns out it's not bad at all. Ol' Floyd is best off when giving a recitation over fine backing tracks rather than actually singing, the title track being the best example of this. Where one might think this 12 minute tour de force could not be topped, one would once again be surprised by this better than one might expect record album."

I hope Mike at Record Robot isn't pissed off I cribbed from his old post. Or Floyd, for that matter. This is just too good not to share.

Corny as the Green Giant in places - largely due to its orchestral incidental music, like a low budget made-for-tv "Cool Hand Luke" - but there's little doubting the veracity of Floyd's account.

Thank god, for once, for vanity imprints.

If anybody out there has any insightful observations to make regarding this one, please add your tuppence worth to the mix.

FLOYD McCLELLAN: I AM AN EX-CONVICT FROM A FLORIDA CHAIN GANG from "I Am An Ex-Convict From a Florida Chain Gang" LP (Sagitario) 1978 (US)


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ib said...

Well, clearly I did some checking after writing the intro para ; and I'm glad to say it would there isn't nearly so much damage done to the neuro circuitry of my brain that deals with memory as I might have had cause to fear.

I've put in links back to the original Record Robot post. Thanks, Mike.