Tuesday, July 15, 2008

i go to sleep

imogen cunningham (1883 - 1976): the unmade bed, 1957.

Proof once more that sometimes the best songs recorded are those first fragmentary exercises in plucking substance out of the ether.

Better remembered as a 1981 hit for Chrissie Hynde - Davies' then wife - and The Pretenders, the original unreleased demo from sixteen years earlier leaves it completely in the shadow of his unmade bed.

Recorded around the time of "Kinda Kinks", this is possibly my all time favourite Raymond Davies composition.

THE KINKS: I GO TO SLEEP (Bonus, Unreleased Demo) from "Kinda Kinks" CD Reissue (PYE/Castle) 1998 (UK)



Unknown said...

As someone just getting past "Greatest Hits" Kinks... which are great, don't get me wrong... I appreciate this.

Oh, damn. I just realized the "don't get me wrong" Pretenders tie-in to what I just typed.

YOU are the neuromancer, ib.

ib said...

Kinks compilations are always interesting. Ray and Dave were an awesome sibling pairing, unusual in any functioning group.

Don't Get Me Wrong!!! Like it!