Friday, July 18, 2008

keep on pushing

remembering those ordinary people who
refused to bow to tyranny. photograph by james nachtwey.

Nelson Mandela - along with seven others - was imprisoned on Robben Island in 1964 where he served eighteen years of his twenty-seven year sentence. While many people will of course be celebrating his 90th birthday today, let's all try to remember the struggle for democracy on the African continent is ongoing. As the crisis in twisted clown, Mugabe's Zimbabwe deepens just next door - and in South Africa itself with regard to Zimbabwean refugees - it is imperative the world doesn't lose focus. Any Major Dude With Half A Heart remembers his brush with the apartheid Security Branch in the late 80s and makes a compelling case for keeping Mandela's achievement in context while celebrating his triumph. There is no cause to be complacent.

THE IMPRESSIONS: KEEP ON PUSHING from "Keep On Pushing b/w I love You (Yeah)" 45 (Karusell) 1964 (US)


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