Sunday, August 24, 2008

baden powell: nosso baden

palminor rodrigues ferraira with 'os originais do samba', 1968.

It seems 'normal service' has been resumed. We have musical accompaniment once again. Hopefully, those earlier rations of some Beer and me were sufficient to keep you entertained.

The following tracks come from Baden Powell's 1980 LP, "Nosso Baden", released on the Atlantic label.

From Loronix:

"Baden Powell's guitar has only the accompaniment of Os Originais do Samba rhythm section, there is no bass, drums or any other electric instrument. It is a late acoustic album, a very common concept today."

The first, "Jongo" - an instrumental composition by João Pernambuco - features just Baden on guitar, but Os Originais do Samba make their vocal presence felt on "Até eu", supporting Powell's small but eloquent voice on a song he co-wrote with Paulo César Pinheiro.

I would like to thank Zecalouro of Loronix from stopping by to comment on last Monday's post from Baden Powell's 1964 album, "Série Autografos De Sucesso No. 2". Of special interest to admirers of Powell's music is the site Baden Powell: Brazil On Guitar, which can now be found permanently under "Bands & Online Resources" in the sidecar links. That Zecalouro - himself the leading source of information on vintage Brazillian music on the net - should single out this fan site for attention, is telling enough.

BADEN POWELL: JONGO from "Nosso Baden" LP (Atlantic) 1980 (Brazil) 
BADEN POWELL: ATE ÉU from "Nosso Baden" LP (Atlantic) 1980 (Brazil)


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