Wednesday, August 20, 2008

thin line: richard & robert poindexter

the persuaders, NYC, 1972.

The Icemen were the vehicle for songwriters/producers, Richard and Robert Poindexter, famous for co-writing the song "Thin Line Between Love & Hate" first released by The Persuaders on the single ATCO 6822 (composed by Richard Poindexter/Robert Poindexter/Jackie Members and produced by "The Poindexter Bros"; arranged by Richard Poindexter with strings arranged by Arif Mardin) in 1971; the version which blows the sox off Chrissie Hynde and the Pretenders' huge hit.

"An R&B vocal group from New York, New York, USA, the original members were lead Douglas "Smokey" Scott, Willie Holland, James "B.J" Barnes and Charles Stodghill. The Persuaders were one of a myriad of stand-up vocal groups that helped to make the early 70s an era of vocal harmony renaissance, one that significantly shaped the popular music of the day. The arresting dry lead of Scott, set against the pristine sweet harmonizing of the rest of the group, gave the Persuaders a distinctive sound. The group was organized in 1968 as the Internationals and soon met Richard and Robert Poindexter, who owned a small label and began recording the group."

At some late point, free of the astute supervision and managerial skills of Chas Chandler (of Eric Burdon's Animals) who consolidated his reputation as part of the Experience, Jimi clearly came into contact with the Poindexters. Whether he had anything to do with the duo prior to 1967, in the capacity of session guitarist, remains uncorroborated.

Both the following selections are Poindexter compositions.


JIMI HENDRIX: SHE'S A FOX from "Rare As Love" LP (Dressed To Kill) 1972 (US)

THE PERSUADERS: THIN LINE BETWEEN LOVE & HATE from "Thin Line Between Love & Hate" LP (Win Or Lose / Atlantic) 1971 (US)



Unknown said...

I knew that "Thin Line..." was a cover, but had never bothered to track down/ investigate the original.
Being a Chrissie Hynde fan-boy, it pains me to admit that this is truely the superior version, but I must...
Good show, ib. Good show.

ib said...

Glad to set the record straight on this one, Matt. Even though I like Chrissie Hynde's version too.

Your driver said...

I took Chrissie Hynde's version to be a heartfelt tribute, not meant to compete with the original. They are both lovely.

ib said...

Definitely. Nice to know you have a soft spot for Chrissie, Jon. I wouldn't necessarily have guessed that.