Friday, August 29, 2008

communiqué #16: a stag no more

origami "stag" beetle, folded from one uncut sheet.
by artist, robert j. lang. thanks, jon!

Well, August is drawing to a close, and here in Caledonia the summer is long gone; just a hint of awful humidity in the air one minute - cold rain the next. The Romans were unable to conquer the Pictish tribes. Agricola - under the command of his emperor, Hadrian - just did his best to wall us in. Fortifications were duly erected stretching from the River Clyde in the west to the River Forth in the east. We've spent the last 2,000 years trying to get back out.

Summer is such a f@cking tease here in prison.

I am looking forward to the return of Art Decade, proper. There is a double wedding of sorts going down in New York City. As I understand it, Mike was due to tie the knot in August. I do not know the precise date. Your guess is as good as mine. I am surmising that since Mike did not make his usual weekly live set contribution to Art Decade last Saturday the exchange of vows may already have gone down.

If that is the case, I'd like to raise the glass aloft once more.

He has made an excellent job of manning the fort single-handed this last month or so. Especially when you consider seriously life-changing events are afoot.

Of course, there are still three more days before August - after Augustus Caesar, the first Roman emperor - passes the baton onto September, and should I omit to pay my telephone bill before the weekend is out, SibLINGSHOT ON THE BLEACHERS will go straight to jail. We're already walking wounded.

Felicitations, Mike!

BOB DYLAN: ROMANCE IN DURANGO from "Desire" LP (Columbia) 1975 (US)

BOB DYLAN: BLACK DIAMOND BAY from "Desire" LP (Columbia) 1975 (US)



Unknown said...

I'm lucky if I can fold piece of paper cross-ways - no way I could create some kind of piece of art like that...

Crazy Origamists...

ib said...

It is a thing of rare beauty, all right. I'd "snagged" the pic from some Lang pieces Jon had been sharing with links to the guy's site, and doctored it a little since the original image was very low-res.

I kind of like the way it sits on the page, there.

I once attempted a paper sculture. It took an eternity, and I never did finish it. Lots of glue and tabs. That someone can accomplish something so elegant from just one (uncut!) sheet of paper is very samurai indeed.

Mike said...

Hey ib! You are indeed correct... I tied the knot on the 23rd and have been away from computers until now. Thanks so much for the well wishes! Now there is only one Art Decade wedding that remains; that of Sheridan Dupre X. Thanks again!

ib said...

Hey Mike! Congratulations once again; to you and your good spouse!

My God! Is Sheridan tying the knot as well, or do you mean he is the sole remaining stag ? I'm confused!

It's good to hear from you, sir.

I've been checking in on Art Decade regularly to see if there is any tidbit of news regarding your imminent (I hope) return...

Mike said...

Yes, I don't know the scheduled date of our return, but I should think that it is imminent. I hope.

Sheridan is still very single, and based on what I saw on the dance floor at my own wedding, he will remain single for quite some time.

ib said...

Okay. Some important things established.

And Sheridan's bachelor behaviour makes me feel considerably less alone...