Tuesday, August 26, 2008

lester bangs & peter laughner

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Here's 2/6 tracks I cribbed from the evergreen WFMU about a year ago from a "... rare bootleg of Lester Bangs and Peter Laughner jamming in Creem's offices in 1975 or 1976."

To quote myself (because I am a shamelessly self-promoting aged f@cker) from a comment I left over there at the time:

"Oustanding snapshot of two perpetual delinquent Peter Pans taking the Velvets for a stroll off the leash. I'd love to know if there were motes of dust dancing in the sun streaming through the office windows, or if the sun outside was wan and wintry..."

lester conway bangs poses for kate simon.
(perhaps the t-shirt reads best as a message from beyond the grave:
"last of the shite bloggers")

For those of you familiar with Lester's writing for Creem magazine out of Detroit through the 70s, and his tragically doomed solo project with The Delinquents, this jam is a joyously received treat. Lester started out freelance for "Rolling Stone" in 1969, but was 'canned' by editor, Jan Wenner four years further down the line for a negative and "disrespectful" review of some old hippie group who went down a storm at Woodstock. Lester was quite often negative - especially and contrarily with regard to artists he held in the greatest esteem - but he was never less than entertaining.

Anyone who suggests otherwise is either running on empty so far as humour is concerned or is a good deal more clinically depressed than Lester ever was.

Thank you to WFMU's Lukas for the original post.

LESTER BANGS & PETER LAUGHNER: SEVENTEEN from "The Creem Office Sessions: 1975/6" MP3 (WFMU) 2007 (US)

LESTER BANGS & PETER LAUGHNER: LESTER RAY from "The Creem Office Sessions: 1975/6" MP3 (WFMU) 2007 (US)



Your driver said...

Oh Lester!
Oh Peter!
Oh Creem!
What the hell did i write recently? I said something about Peter Laughner and somebody said that I must have made him up because there could not possibly be a figure in music who was that important and still that obscure. OK, it's true. I was bored to death in about 1974, so I started a rumor about a guy from Cleveland named Peter Laughner. After a while I got tired of the subject and I resented the way Lester Bangs was running around Detroit claiming he was real, so I started another rumor about him being dead. I am also responsible for every single rumor about the Kennedy assassination. Which one? All three of them. All three Kennedy Assassinations. Four if you count the Kennedy who supposedly crashed his plane, but that wasn't really an assassination. He was spirited off to Wales where he lives in a bizarre coastal resort town and goes by Number 2. Periodically Elvis storms into his office and shouts, "WHO IS NUMBER ONE?" and young Kennedy shouts back, "YOU ARE NUMBER SIX!" which is, of course, bullshit because Elvis is still THE KING.
I just wanted to clear all of that up.

Unknown said...

ib, you are terminaly cool for posting this stuff up.

I'm guessing I was in one of mt off-line time-frames when WMFU put this stuff up.

Yowza! It's like our coolest big brother let us hang out while amazing stuff went down.

Again... You are terminal. Ly. Cool.

ib said...

Understood, Jon. Understood.

I am David Thomas, and I eat Elvis burgers for breakfast. For lunch I will feast on all the cars of motor city.

ib said...

That's the thing about WFMU, I find. There is so much impossibly rare and amazing stuff up there on constant rotation that if you blink you spend the rest of your life pulling out your hair and beating your fists against your forehead.

New Jersey is the Smithsonian hub of underground music. James Gandolfini will probably soon be revealed as the true godfather of punk.