Thursday, August 14, 2008

snatch: the patti & judy show

IRT subway, 7th avenue and 125th street.
"baby, i'm just talking 'bout that hot pearl snatch".

I am shameless. Joe Stumble featured some revealing Snatch just a few months back on Last Days Of Man On Earth. Don't spit on me, motherf@ckers, I just love these girls too much.


"Stanley” allegedly features Captain Sensible on guitar. The demos were apparently recorded in Patti’s apartment in Maida Vale, London in 1976, the same period during which the Damned laid down “New Rose” for Stiff with Nick Lowe on the desk.

SNATCH: STANLEY from "Stanley b/w I.R.T." 45 (Bomp) 1977 (US)

SNATCH: I.R.T. from "Stanley b/w I.R.T." 45 (Bomp) 1977 (US)


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