Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Well. Not quite. But by way of apology to Nathan Nothin' - whom I mortally offended with my opening line to the recent Baden Powell post - here's something by Sir Richard Bishop of Sun City Girls instead.

Actually, I'm fairly ashamed to confess I have little in the way of Reinhardt. All right, all right. Nothing. Nada. Ø.

There. I've said it.

The third selection winds it's way over from the ever excellent Record Robot with the admonition: "Your uncle Jim smokes pot." Indeed.

Here's a comment I left over there earlier (like, nearly two years back), regarding Honk Kong diva, Chan Pao Chu:

"Completely fucking surreal. Maybe it's the cumulative combat shock of listening to this, Johnny Wright, and the Sun City Girls back to back... but this shit is like eavesdropping on Shonen Knife blasted back in time to do some in-country gig for the troops as the huey blades whir overhead and your body bleeds out in the paddyfield. Just as uncomfortable as it is eerily funny."

Hope this will suffice, Nate. Oh, dear.

SIR RICHARD BISHOP: BURNING CARAVAN from "Salvador Kali" CD-R (Revenant) 1998 (US)

SUN CITY GIRLS: NOT IN MY LEAGUE (LIVE ON WFMU: 11/12/02) from "Radio One (Carnival Folklore Resurrection #11)" LP (Abduction) 2002 (US)

SUN CITY GIRLS: CARAVAN from "More Coffee For The Politicians (Phoenix Underground Music Sampler #3)" LP (Placebo) 1985 (US)




Posting SCG will get any sin forgiven, here, limbo, hell, or beyond...

I've got a ton of Django, but it's all available elsewhere, so here's something from Stephane Grappelli, outstanding jazz violinist, co-founder, along with Django, of the Quintette du Hot Club de France, described by critic Thom Jurek as "one of the most original bands in the history of recorded jazz." This song is from Stephane Grappelli, Everest Records FS 311, recorded in Paris March 7-9,1972. The song is entitled (naturally) "Django".

Also, for being such a swell chap, here's my all-time favorite SCG's song, "Kill the Klansmen".

Oh, yeah!

ib said...

Thanks for the Grapelli, and the lowdown on the label and recording date. Pretty nice. Seriously nice, indeed. I'm impressed.

And, thank you kindly for the SCG. Where does this one come from, Nate ?
Of course, I could trawl through their website in an attempt to track it down - I may need to - but if you could spare me the hours I would need to invest, I'd appreciate it.


ib said...

Oh, ok! "Horse Cock Phepner". 1987. It's all there... I am far too impatient at times. Anyway, thanks. I am unfamiliar with this album as you might guess.