Saturday, August 2, 2008

wire: strange

a quick dip back in the kitchen drawer.

Please. Forget about the 'duller than dishwater' R.E.M. version.

Yet another variation on the "Sister Ray" theme. If you want more from potentially the best LP of 1977, I suggest you check out a previous post on Art Decade. Down to the Wire.

WIRE: STRANGE* from "Pink Flag" LP (Harvest EMI) 1977 (UK)


* I put this one up on impulse, after Matt posted the excellent "Three Girl Rhumba" over on Perceptions. Delusions last week. Little did I expect he would also post "Strange", on the very same day no less, as coincidence would have it. Strange things on the wire, indeed.


Brushback said...

Pink Flag is one of the greatest records ever, isn't it? I never liked any of their other stuff, though.

But I did have a friend who named his fanzine "Chairs Missing".

ib said...

Pink Flag is brilliant, yes, and Wire's best. I quite liked "Chairs Missing" - "Outdoor Miner" ; "Map Ref"; and "I Am The Fly". "154" took me a lot longer to even vaguely grab my interest.

It's funny. The last time I posted from "Pink Flag" on Art Decade, somebody commented that they believed Wire to be one of the best grooups ever, but found their first three albums rather pedestrian; "Pink Flag" especially, he or she informed me, they thought of as a one line joke. Very strange.