Thursday, August 14, 2008

third ear band: earthly delights

"portrait of an old woman" by balthasar denner, 1685 - 1749.

I confess my waking thoughts have been inundated with Third Ear Band squeaks and scratches of late. Fungal matter itching into dream. My e-mail has been down for the past couple of days, and my attention wanders as a result. The fault lies with my ISP - by their own admission - so If I disappear off the radar in the next few days doubtless it will be because they have e-mailed me regarding a bill I may or may not have paid and I have been unable to retrieve it. Such are the stratagems variously employed to deny me connection to the outside world.

Actually, my ISP has no conception as to proper customer service or ongoing developments in internet security. Homepages appear and disappear at random ; log-in pages mysteriously mutate in the blink of an eye; collection dates on payment chop and change on a seeming whim.

"The Nightmare" by Henry Fuseli, 1782.

Their "Fair Usage Policy" with regard to broadband would appear to assume that only pornography need be streamed, and that any customer requiring large files backed-up online must be distantly related to Edward Teach. Added to this, just last year they ditched MD5 Challenge-Response encryption in favour of sending their clients' passwords "in the clear" as part of a national security upgrade. Go figure, as the saying goes. When I queried this at the time, their customer service advisor hung up on me and sent me crashing into the ether.

All the virgins of the world these days are employed by Hamas. Resistance is futile.

Anyway, perhaps "Air" would have been a more appropriate choice of elemental Third Ear Band, given my risk of dissappearing into the thin of it at any given moment. But since I am an earth snake I shall forgo any opportune relevance.

Keep your ear to the ground, brothers and sisters.

THIRD EAR BAND: EARTH from "Third Ear Band" LP (Harvest EMI) 1970 (UK)



Unknown said...

What kind of art curiculum are you wending your site around, my good man? Is this credentialed?
Twix't the audiac portions and the otic, it all seems new and neat. At least to me... for the most part...

ib said...

Hey, Matt! Good to hear from you.

No set curriculum, no. Let's all participate in a revolution in the classroom. That portrait by Denner was new to me, too, chanced upon while I was scrabbling around for supporting images. Intense.