Monday, August 18, 2008

steven jesse bernstein: this clouded heart


A video first on SibLINGSHOT ON THE BLEACHERS. Created by
Jacob Mills. From the album "Prison", 1992 on Sub Pop Records.

Caution: viewer discretion advised.


ib said...

Apologies with regard to the editing of this post. I decided to embed directly from YouTube and had some problems initially resizing the video image to fit.

I have been unable to source any information on Jacob Mills. I am assuming that the project involving setting "This Clouded Heart" to this series of stills is a strictly non commercial venture. It is unclear whether the making of this video was undertaken as part of a larger academic assignment, or whether it was motivated by a purely independent creative agenda.

The visual content is as disturbing as the poetic imagery and themes laid bare throughout those sessions Bernstein's recorded for Sub Pop, and complements the original extremely successfully, I feel.

It is certainly not my intention in posting this material to arbitrarily offend.

Unknown said...

I'm kind of offended that you don't want to arbitrarily offend me. Oh wait... is it because you intend to intentionally offend me at some later date? Well, that's ok then!

I get the feeling that this vid is stricktly a fan-made, no-greater-meaning-than "it just needed to be done". And doG bless Jacob Mills for that!

ib said...

Yes, intentionally offending one and all is altogether fine. As is this fan-generated video. Thanks again, Matt, for bringing it to my attention.

It's exceptional in parts. Sub Pop should get together with Jacob Mills and strike some kind of deal. On the other hand, I can't quite imagine MTV getting behind it as it stands.