Tuesday, August 5, 2008

communiqué #13: blogger internal error

Brothers and sisters, due to a seeming internal server error affecting Blogger, SibLINGSHOT ON THE BLEACHERS is currently experiencing persistent errors in uploading images as part of Monday's contribution. Please stay tuned until this issue can be rectified.

I have made an editorial decision not to post text only in the meantime, but to withhold publication until the situation is fully resolved.


Your driver said...

Drives ya nuts, don't it? While we're all wiping blogger's nose- I've got a question for you: What did you think of the movie "My Name Is Joe"? It's the only film picture I have of Glasgow. As a former drunk, I was somewhat unimpressed with Joe's approach to sobriety, but I kind of liked the movie as a whole. I came across a copy of it yesterday and was considering buying it, but decided to wait for your opinion.

I live a long way from the filmland part of California but there was a movie called "Smooth Talker" with Treat Williams and a very young whatsername, you know, whatsername. Anyhow, it was filmed right here in West Sonoma County. OK movie.

Man, if Blogger, Safari and Firefox ever start playing nice I'm gonna post all kinds of cool stuff, just as soon as I find the
1.) TIME

Brushback said...

Yeah, Blogger's the worst. I was thinking about hosting my blog on Word Press at one point, but it turns out they force you to pay a monthly subscription fee in order to keep random advertisements off your site... screw that.

ib said...

jon: it's a frequent pain in the ass, but at least is does a pretty good job 99% of the time given the sheer volume of traffic Blogger now serves.

On "My Name Is Joe". Well, it's a fair movie but not one of Ken Loach's finest moments. Peter Mullan is an excellent actor and director in his own right, of course, but sometimes I get the uneasy feeling that his true potential is often overshadowed by his commitment as a political activist to a wider cause. His partner, Robina Qureshi, is a human rights campaigner from Glasgow, while Mullan - who was born in Peterhead - was brought up in the south side of Glasgow where I similarly reside. Mullan has played an instrumental role in preventing a number of asylum seekers living in the Gorbals from being deported after their cases for asylum were dismissed by the Home Office.

If you are looking for a genuine portrait of Glasgow with a lesser degree of overt didactic, I would suggest you buy a copy of Gillies MacKinnon's excellent "Small Faces" instead. It deals with gang rivalries within Glasgow and the south side in particular and is hugely entertaining.

On a similar front, check out director John Mackenzie's 1979 dramatisation of Peter McDougall's "Just a Boys' Game" if you get the opportunity. Originally aired as a television play on the BBC, it is set in Port Glasgow and Greenock in the shipbuilding death throes on Clydeside and features Glaswegian singer Frankie Miller in a rivetting performance as its central character. This piece of drama I can assure you has scarcely dated at all.

ib said...

brushback: I didn't realize Word Press required a monthly subscription; those pop up advertisements are a major turn-off for passing traffic I'm sure. Screw that, as you say.

I'd considered Word Press as an alternative, too, when setting up this site but finally decided it was perhaps initially wiser for me to stick with the 'devil' I know. I don't really have enough experience as yet to fully understand the finer points of difference between the two big options. I know of several 'bloggers' who have opted for Word Press and are currently operating really well maintained sites, but that's really as far as my grasp of it goes.

If anybody can enlighten me further to the pros & cons of the two main rivals from a position of experience, I'd be interested in hearing a little more on this subject. Definitely.

Don't know what the issue was with Blogger yesterday and their internal server error; so far as I can see there is no current reporting of any problem on BB, but certainly there was some conflagration last week when a percentage of Bloggers had their data locked when processing codes concluded their accounts were spam.

I'm waiting to see how the Import/Export tool currently in trial will improve things. I'm in the process of moving over to Blogger In Draft ; the touted facility to create back-ups of your data - not simply blog templates - as export file (.xml) would appear to be a significant improvement. It's still all new to me, though.

ib said...

Anybody out there already suitably versed in Blogger In Draft ?

CTV said...

Blogger is screwing with me right now. I suspected I was the only one, and that maybe Blogger does not like Sideshow Bob very much. So I take comfort from knowing that the problem is more widespread. Still, very annoying. At the moment I can't even publish at all, even having sacrificed the idea of pictures.

ib said...

Hey, AMD. It is very annoying ; I don't know whether it has anything to do with the new Blogger In Draft beta which is currently being road-tested, or the server being overburdened, but the problems seem to come and go.

Peak hours seem to be the worst. Hope you get back up and posting poste haste - sorry for the pun!