Sunday, August 3, 2008

psilocybin tryptamine

panaeolus foeniscii.

I love all this insanely coincidental shit, I swear to "the pagan gods of the ever dwindling woods". Scarcely more than a week ago Fusion 45 posted on the Strawbs, and wholly unprompted Gus e-mails me this track in the late afternoon from their 1970 album. Now, the Strawbs as far as I recollect were responsible for that "You Don't Get Me (I'm Part Of The Union)" 45 back in the early 70s, but that's all she wrote so far as I remember. When it comes to the extremely gifted Sandy Denny - sadly no longer with us, of course - I'm sticking to Fairport Convention.

This has shaped up to be a very folk soaked day here on SibLINGSHOT ON THE BLEACHERS, indeed. I am even considering spending this evening sanding back and varnishing a nicely shaped spruce stick my son dragged back from our camping trip.

No. I'm not altogether stupid, though. There is a fresh bottle of bone dry white wine chilling in the fridge even as I type.

THE STRAWBS: WITCHWOOD from "From The Witchwood" LP (Polydor) 1971 (UK)



Anonymous said...

ib liked it so much (obviously would have),to have been suggested to him?

i like this one.

Michael Verity said...

As I noted, I can't remember having ever listened to those Strawbs records I inherited from that radio station. Just the one recently purchased from the little old lady. This one must be so familiar because of the Traffic-neets-Jethro-Tull vibe. Very nice for me, listening on this Sunday night, as the kids settle themselves with a movie and my beautiful red-headed wife finishes her project of the day -- this one painting about the kitchen. Arghh, And how would they say it? Insane lass!

ib said...

Hey, MJ@F45! Glad you are clearly enjoying this one. It does have a John Barleycorn vibe to it, especially. I'm unsure still as to whether the sum of it is greater than its parts, but some of those parts are actually rather good.

Your evening there sounds pretty damn good. I like the way the smell of fresh paint lingers in hallways between rooms. You ought to pour your wife a tall glass of wine and both kick back a little.

How's the gig going at WNEW ? I hope they're treating you well!