Friday, August 15, 2008

daevid allen's friday afternoon tea dance

mr. flay from the"titus groan" trilogy, written by mervyn peake.
illustration by mervyn peake.

More from London's Ladbroke Grove in the slightly gnarled (and bent out of) shape of original Australian Soft Machine member, Daevid Allen, a beatnik of wondrous pedigree and mischievous aspiration. Gong first chimed in early 1969 in Majorca with partner, Gilli Smyth, on the run from the police following the Parisenne student demonstrations of '68. Smyth and Allen drafted flautist, Didier Malherbe into their game, who they "claim(ed) to have found living in a cave on Robert Graves’ estate". Highly unlikely, but, in a world heaving with pothead pixies and governed by flying teapots, one can never absolutely rule it in or out.

In spite of the fashion for rubbishing old hippies from 1976 on, I have always adored anything remotely connected with Daevid Allen. I am proud, too, to announce I never even once attempted to keep that love affair secret. Mr. Allen is a one man lighthouse keeper. A veritable Jonah The Baptist.

Thanks to Gus for the vinyl rip.

The season ripens nicely in preparation for the great annual mushroom hunt. Open invitations to the ensuing tea party are ubiquitous.

GONG: GLAD TO SAD TO SAY from "Magick Brother, Mystic Sister" LP (BYG Actuel) 1969 (France)


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