Thursday, August 21, 2008

those vents in my raincoat are just slits


The Slits on this 'cut' were Ari Up (vocals); Viv Albertine (guitar);
Tessa Pollitt (bass guitar); Budgie (drums). Recorded at Ridge Farm Studios, in the spring of 1979. Written by Viv Albertine; Tessa Pollitt; Arianne Forster (aka Ari Up); and Paloma Romero (aka Palmolive).

I seem to remember the Peel session take on "Newtown" was better than the LP version. Typical, girls.

Originally formed in 1977 as students at Hornsey College of Art, London, The Raincoats "became an all female post-punk band, when joined by Palmolive of The Slits (drums), Vicky Aspinall (violin) and manager Shirley O'Loughlin."
Lola: Produced by Geoff Davis; Mayo Thompson; and the Raincoats.

THE SLITS: NEWTOWN from "Cut" LP (Island) 1979 (UK)
THE RAINCOATS: LOLA from "The Raincoats" LP (Rough Trade) 1979 (UK)


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