Sunday, August 17, 2008

wichita lineman

"by the time i get to phoenix": glen campbell, november 2003.
arrested in phoenix, arizona on drunk driving and hit and run charges.

The best performer of Jimmy Webb compositions, by a long chalk. But resolutely guilty of failing to walk the line; sober or not.

From elsewhere:

"During the late 1970s/early 1980s, when Grammy Award-winning country singer Glen Campbell's popularity began to wane, the singer began abusing drugs and began a long-term affair with singer Tonya Tucker that was frequently reported in the supermarket tabloids. After 1989, Campbell pronounced himself clean and sober, a fact he restated in his 1994 autobiography Rhinestone Cowboy. However, in November 2003, Campbell was arrested in Phoenix, Arizona, on drunk driving and hit and run charges. According to a police report, Campbell smashed into another car at an intersection and left the scene. When police approached Campbell at his home, the singer kicked an officer, which added an aggravated assault on a police officer charge. After spending ten days in jail, Campbell pled guilty to DUI and leaving the scene of an accident, receiving a sentence of community service."

Almost makes me feel that the hangover I'm suffering from this morning is small potatoes.

Of special historical import, the early 'feminist' anthem, "Dreams of the Everyday Housewife" demonstrates Glen's empathy with the emerging movement. An alliance clearly built on a heartfelt radical aesthetic.

With that mugshot in his portfolio, he could've got a part in Peter Bogdanovich's "The Last Picture Show".

GLEN CAMPBELL: WICHITA LINEMAN from "Wichita Lineman" LP (Capitol) 1968 (US)

LP (Capitol) 1968 (US)



Your driver said...

Ib, That top picture is why it is generally unwise to trumpet one's newly found sobriety. I once watched Dennis Hopper dodge a talk show host's attempts to get him to talk about AA and his sobriety.

Host: "But you did go to meetings didn't you?"

Hopper: "I've met quite a few people in my life time."


It was really pretty funny. On the other hand, we never read newspaper reports about a proudly sobered up Dennis Hopper being charged with drunk driving in downtown Los Angeles after he struck a fire hydrant at 3 AM and was arrested along with his passenger, an underage transgendered prostitute etc, etc, etc...

When I was a kid, Glenn Campbell was so thoroughly associated with the "reactionary element" that I couldn't possibly like him. It was just too uncool.

It took some years for me to realize that not only was he pretty good, I also liked him.

ib said...

Hi, Jon, how's things ?

I like Glen Campbell so much, I almost thought twice about "taking a pop at him" with that shot. On the other hand, if I hadn't gone through with it as a post I wouldn't have prompted your excellent commentary with that story about Dennis Hopper.

My dad used to play Glen Campbell to death. Cambell, Buddy Holly and The Big 'O' are the soundtracks to my childhood.

Your driver said...

I'm very very tired. Work has been disagreeing with me. Especially that 3;30 AM alarm. I haven't had a drink in more than 15 years and still, every cell in my body screams, "Closing time was only an hour and a half ago. Shut off that damn alarm clock and go to sleep."

I hope you didn't get burnt out on Buddy Holly. My parents really didn't care too much about music, but when they listened to it, they liked the Rat Pack. Their favorite radio station played nothing but stuff like Sammy Davis junior singing Candy Man and Anthony Newley singing What Kind of Fool Am I?

I still can't stand that stuff, except for Tony Bennett. I had a brief period when I liked Sinatra if I had enough to drink, but I can't stand him sober.

Next week I find out about my new schedule, that will start in September. I hope to be allowed to sleep until at least 5:00 AM.

ib said...

Keep on building up that overtime pay.

Buddy Holly continues to hit the spot. As does Roy Orbison. "Running Scared" was my old man's favourite. Sinatra definitely sounds better with a drink or two under one's belt. For sheer irony, my 'stepson' loves Sammy Davis Jr's "Candy Man". ??? "Stop The World I Want To Get Off"!

Good luck with the new schedule. 5:00 AM is marginally more bearable than 3:30.

Your driver said...

The overtime pay helps, but I keep calling in sick, mostly because I keep getting sick. I'm spending more than I'm making. I'm going back to sleep brother.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Like many a musician Glen Campbell nailed it to the floor early in life, then later paid for it dearly. After he worked with Anne Murray it was Downhill Forever. Could be that's why Neil Young refuses to work with Anne Murray to this day.

ib said...

What! You never mentioned this curious Curse of Anne Murray previously, Beer. At least, not that I recollect.

You have to admit, it would make a spectacularly memorable tv pilot: "Saturday Night Curse Of Anne Murray"... or even "Curse With Anne Murray".

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Just off the top of my head - the Bare Naked Ladies troubles with dope may have begun with their career peak on one of Anne's special televised Christmas Specials; Perry Como, another Murray foil like Glen Campbell is dead from mysterious causes; kd lang got all fat after dueting with the Princess of Nova Scotian Pop; and the careers and life spans of both Elvis and John Lennon were tragically shortened after their lives were touched by our Anne.

ib said...

Interesting. Perry Como was a fave with my grandparents. I am fond of his version of "Catch A Falling Star". As for Elvis and John Lennon, I wasn't even aware they'd guested on the Anne Murray Show.

Of course, all this merely augments her status as Canadian Femme Fatale. Although this is just an astute guess, I hasten to add.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

John and Elvis never guested on a Murray television show (that I remember). Canadian television networks never had enough baby seal skins to pay for appearances of stars that big. Anne was a favourite of Elvis, which you would expect; Anne's cover of "You Won't See Me" was John's favourite cover of a Beatles song and I'll bet she was a lot better fuck than Yoko.

ib said...

She certainly looks like a better fuck than Yoko too my eyes too, I won't deny. Having said that, I'll wager Cynthia was a better lay than Yoko too.

I'll need to hear that cover of "You Won't See Me".

Brushback said...

My earliest memory of Glen Campbell is the TV variety show he had back when I was a little kid-- back when just about every hack entertainer (Tony Orlando, Donny & Marie, the Hudson Brothers, you name it) got their own variety show. It sorta tainted his image with me, down the road.

I actually like Urge Overkill's version of "Wichita Lineman" even better. It's pretty awesome, actually.

ib said...

Tony Orlando! There's a name which hasn't passed my lips, thank god, in a long while... "Tie A Yellow Ribbon", right ? Tony Orlando and Dawn. Jesus.

I haven't heard Urge Overkill's version of "Lineman", either. Something else I need to remedy.

Your driver said...

While I never much cared for "Tie A Yellow Ribbon", I kind of liked "Knock Three Times", it was cute and very New York. Everybody has a little good in them.

ib said...

"Knock Three Times"! I didn't even realise the original recording was by Tony Orlando. I always think of Englebert Humperdink (is that the right spelling ?) for some reason. Great song in a hugely overstated celebration of cheese.