Saturday, August 23, 2008

more west side stories

live is cool spray when you're a jet.

See. If I was even more of an anorak, I'd probably begin proselytizing that punk rock really started here. ib, you would say; get a life. We are heartily sick with your creaky attempts to lend some weight to your inane choice of song.

From the mighty sword sticks of Leonard Bernstein and Stephen Sondheim. I don't think the Oakland chapter of the "Hell's Angels" have much to fear, in all seriousness.

RUSS TAMBLYN & 'THE JETS': GEE, OFFICER KRUPKE! from "West Side Story" LP (Columbia) 1960 (US)



Unknown said...

Should we be expecting a few tunes from Cats in an upcoming post? Damn.

In all seriousness, nice choice, from a great musical.

ib said...

I know! Rosa said she never figured me as having a 'weakness' for musicals... Ah, well. Fuck it. I've always enjoyed "West Side Story". Great movie.

Glad you dug it!