Saturday, August 30, 2008

judy is a punk

sire SASD-7520, 1976.

ramones in london, 1977.

If only to feature one of the most striking LP jackets ever to be found in a record shop. How could I not ? My cold is worsening by the minute, and I now sound uncannily like a cross between Joey Ramone and Lee Marvin if such an abomination is conceivable.

Sort of like an adenoidal mule. Or a variation thereof.

It's a tad redundant to post any sonic outings by Ramones these days, but what the f@ck. Even young women digging for gold in the San Pornando Valley now regularly make appearances in Ramones t-shirts, such is their lamentable ubiquity. Or so I've been informed.

These demos are new to me. I don't get out much. They are possibly even better than the original LP versions.

Produced by Craig Leon and T. Erdelyi. Recorded at Plaza Sound, Radio City Music Hall, New York.

RAMONES: CHAIN SAW from "Ramones" LP (Sire) 1976 (US)

RAMONES: JUDY IS A PUNK (DEMO) from "Ramones" LP (Sire) 1976 (US)

RAMONES: NOW I WANNA SNIFF SOME GLUE (DEMO) from "Ramones" LP (Sire) 1976 (US)




Brushback said...

You're posting too much good stuff lately-- this, the Peter Laughner stuff, Pere Ubu... I can't keep up!

ib said...

I know; regarding the 'postal' rate, anyhow.

It's a punk philosophy - get it all out while you can; you might be dead tomorrow.

Hopefully, people will still pick up on a percentage of it before they get switched off by the volume! Like, I don't expect everything to be read - let alone poured over - but I DO appreciate the comments.

ib said...

Actually, Brushback, that's something I should've paid more attention to first time around...

Brushback said...

Honestly, I wish I had the ability to post several times daily-- I think it would help level out the contrasts from post to post a little bit.

ib said...

Well. It's sometimes interesting to see an unconscious thread running through a series of posts. Other times it's so obvious its like, "Who Am I Trying To Kid!"

I don't know if there's an optimum daily amount of posts. I mean, a weblog is meant to be a diary of sorts, as I understand it, but a lot of opinion out there seems to be as critical of frequency as content.

I know I find it hard myself to keep up with other sites which post heavy, but then again a lot of sites post several songs from a range of artists in the same post.

I am too obsessively compulsive to restrict myself to any set number, but "never say never". Clearly, if I was working in a coal mine it would be a very different story.

Löst Jimmy said...

"adenoidal mule" oh ib how right you are!

ib said...

I just thought I'd bring this up, which - had I remembered - I should have made proper reference to in the main post:

"August 19th, 1976 - Thusrsday

The Ramones get the attention of The Glasgow Evening Times who print the headline "Ramones in Teenage Glue Death Outrage" Labor Party MP James Dempsey of Scotland, makes a move to have the first Ramones LP banned from the country's record racks, citing the track "Now I wanna sniff some glue" as encouragement to young buyers to do just that. Dempsey is preparing to put a bill before Parliament that will put glue and similar solvents on a par with cigarettes and fireworks, to make them avaiable to those onlu over the legal age of sixteen, In the last few years about two dozen youths have died in Scotland with deaths directly linket to sniffing these substances. A bemused Ramone contacted in Los Angeles tells NME that, "... we don't want people to jump off them . I hope that everyone understands, that the song is a joke, we know the stuff is dangerous... you always feel sick afterwards." Ramones manager Danny Fields chimed in with, "Why should the song be banned? War films aren't banned on the grounds that they advocate violence."

All copies of the album were duly removed from Glasgow record shops. I kid you not.