Wednesday, December 30, 2009

brotherhood of dub

Coming from the 2006 Auralux issue of "Barrington Levy In Dub (The Lost Mixes From King Tubby's Studio)"; itself a 'lost' counterpart to the 1980 Greensleeves UK release, "The Big Showdown", featuring five mixes by Jah Thomas.

The album was simultaneously issued on The Jah Guidance label in Jamaica as "
Shaolin Temple" with virtually identical sleeve design and track listing, but showcasing ten different mixes; engineered and mixed by Maxie and Scientist at King tubby's Home Town Hi-Fi with Roots Radics providing backing. Produced by Junjo Lawes.

Hats off to NØ.

Recorded at Channel One, Kingston.
Produced by Junjo.
Barrington Levy: vocals.

The Roots Radics:
Santa Davis: drums;
Flabba Holt: bass;
Bingy Bunny & Bo Peep: guitar;
Ansel Collins: keyboards;
Sky Juice: percussion.

Engineered and mixed by Maxie and Scientist.

BARRINGTON LEVY: SHAOLIN TEMPLE DUB from "Barrington Levy In Dub: The Lost Mixes From King Tubby's Studio" CD (Auralux)



Brotherhood of Dub.

Well, Brother Ib, many a Mickle makes a Muckle.

Here’re two by two, working together.

Yabby You (Vivian Jackson) & Trinity (Wade ‘Junior’ Brammer)
Yabby You Meets Trinity at (King Tubby’s) Dubstation

Big Youth (Manley Augustus Buchanan) & Dillinger (Lester Bullock)
Big Youth & Dillinger - Head to Head


From most dope dub to crucial dub...1977-1978

Culture - Rare & Unreleased (1977-78)

Prince Far I - Long Life (1978)

Big Ed Dunkel said...

So. Let it rip. And keep on dubbing.

Hats off to Flabba Holt.

ib said...

Thanks, Big Ed.

Flabba Holt is the boss.

Less than 3 hours to go here, and sounding more like a Johnny Cash song every second.

Happy New Year as it enfolds.