Wednesday, December 23, 2009

pencil dub with inks

The version which appears on the Trojan volume, "Savage Pencil Presents: Lion vs. Dragon in Dub", compiled by Edward Poncey.

This would seem to be a mildly truncated version of the Augustus Pablo version relea
sed on his 1979 Rockers (JA) / Greensleeves (UK) compilation, "Original Rockers", but I am by no means certain. The original dub appears to have been recorded sometime between 1972 and 1975, during the first phase of Tubby's Home Town Hi-Fi.

They don't come much better than this. Some Pablo fer Anto and Big Ed Dunkel.

Recorded at Channel One , Kingston, Jamaica.
Mixed and engineered by King Tubby; Prince Jammy; Phillip Smart 
at King Tubby's Home Town Hi-Fi, Kingston, jamaica.Carlton Barrett: drums;
Aston Barrett & Robbie Shakespeare: bass;
Earl "Chinna" Smith: guitar;
Augustus Pablo: piano, organ;
Dirty Harry: tenor saxophone;
Don D. Junior: trombone;
Bobby Ellis: trumpet;
Augustus Pablo: clavinet, melodica.

AUGUSTUS PABLO: TUBBY'S DUB SONG from "Savage Pencil Presents: Lion Vs. Dragon In Dub" CD (Trojan) 2007 (Jamaica / UK)


anto said...

well ib-er, thanks again. the pipes are most truely calling. The deeper roots material does for me totally.

i have to laugh at the photo of the smack heads. i'd place it circa 79-81. in dublin, the same thing happened, a wave of afghan smack arrived and polluted areas populated by beer-drinkin/betting shop addled types. hence the bloke in your snap with the aran jumper and john merrick hair-do seems so familiar.

the blessin of jaysus on you and yours this festive season.

ib said...

Ah, you are so right, but I think the photograph is possibly even earlier.

'75 -'76 I would place it at, but - yet again - I am by no means certain. It looks to me as if Dave Edmunds "I Hear You Knockin'" should be playing somewhere in the background, and that would make it even earlier...

The "aran jumper and john merrick hair-do" is absolutely accurate: you pinned the tail right on the donkey, man!

I was thinking. If you half close your eyes and substitute #2 crops and baseball caps, both of those chaps would pass here locally.

The female, too, with little(r) amendment.

Have a good one. It is very nearly upon us.

anto said...

yes i thought the other guy was a touch Bay City Roller-eque. bizzare times. i didn't know that the hard drugs hit the northern cities that early. thought it was still a loondoon thing along with the folky set and various muso/writer types. so glasgow had a , eh, 'healthy' hard drug scene that early?

the woman as you so rightly say is the prototype so the latter day female druggist from these isles. plop a white tracksuit on her and she'd fit right in.

in happier news, just pciked up a DVD copy of 'The Dead' the last J Houston film of the brilliant Joyce story. one to watch tonight waiting for the big fellah to arrive.

while i'm with these folks who are not down with the wantan waste of this time of year, its good to kick back and soak in the better parts.

Hark the Herald Angles beg for Copper Coins

ib said...

The locality is cedited as 'England', but since the photographer is American it is hard to be certain.

The tartan and the physiognomy beg otherwise, but who knows for sure ?

Smack was a big player here in Glasgow throughout the seventies. It was always coke which was in shorter supply. Unless you moved in more affluent circles.

BTW, seeing as you are in Dublin, let it be revealed that I am a big Phil Lynott fan. How could you not like Thin Lizzy if you relish Mr. Mascis and that dinosaur sound ?

Yes. Smack was always a bigger scourge than solvents here, but it was glue that underpinned the headlines.

I've not yet seen Houston's "The Dead", but it seems infinitely preferable to "Shreck 2"; now playing as I imbibe the drum.