Saturday, December 19, 2009

festive .o.range

Improvisational dub on a slow collision with middle-eastern undercurrents.

.O.rang was founded by Lee Harris and Paul Webb, formerly of the mainst
ream pop group, Talk Talk. Their remit was to play unimpeded in the studio for hours at a stretch, later deconstructing the recorded sections and layering them into a final edit.

"We used to be in a reggae band when we were younger..."

Echo is a subsidiary imprint of Chrysalis, launched in 1994. In 1996 I was invited to submit an 'illustrated' review for the album in Glasgow's Bigwig Magazine.

That is, a review with no words.
No money changed hands either, but at least I managed to hang on to the CD. If I remember correctly - and the jury is out to lunch on this one - I think the commissioning editor telephoned me to request its return after the review appeared in print.

Zin is the name of a town in Afghanistan, and the greater Saharan desert. In folklore, they are those water spirits which reside in the Niger river, West Africa.

Paul Webb: accordion, zin;
Graeme Jones: acoustic guitar.

.O.RANG: BARREN from "Fields And Waves" CD (Echo) 1996 (UK)

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