Thursday, December 24, 2009

dr. satan's echo chamber, part ii

"I wouldn't hold a Midnight Mass at midnight because of the drunks. There would be too much trouble."
- Father Joseph McNulty, Glasgow.

Well, nØw. I am speechless. Utterly.
And more than a trifle abashed. 

1000 thanks.

Allegedly, this is Pablo's melodica dub over Earl Flute and Horace Andy's "
Peter and Judas", appearing also on the Mafia and Duke Records imprints as a 7" backed with Keith Hudson & Chuckles.

There is no snow in a tangerine harvest, I know, but we will save you some.

Produced by Keith Hudson,
aka Lloyd Lindburg, 2nd Street Dreads.

AUGUSTUS PABLO: SATAN SIDE VERSION (AKA KISS 14) from "Savage Pencil Presents: Lion vs. Dragon In Dub" CD (Trojan) 2007 (Jamaica / UK)


@eloh said...

Is - Father Joseph McNulty, Glasgow- your current priest? The man has no sense of adventure!


Who could ask for anything more? Ib speechless? & an abashed trifle. There are miracles at Yule. Love you all, my brother. There IS no snow in a tangerine harvest, I picked a bowl of fresh ones this morn.