Monday, December 14, 2009

something borrowed, something new

l greetings from SibLINGSHOT

Considering Glasgow's climate is generally temperate, it was cold; -2℃ this morning when I stepped out to purchase some essential supplies.

My decision to decline a carrier bag for the 2 litre carton of milk straight out the refrigerator was ill judged at best. By the time I fidgeted the key back in the door my teeth were chattering. We have been shrouded in freezing fog these past few days, but it was clear if still pitch black out there. Dark enough for me to stumble on the shrivelled refuse adhering to the pavement.

If corn on the cob possessed extremities it might have twitched its last like Scott or Amundsen.

Sundry frozen artifacts lay scattered around it in a trail of confusion. Jettisoned in the final throes of hypothermia.

Well. Remixed at Dynamic Sounds in Kingston - with the Revolutionaries - by Karl Pitterson for the 1978 Virgin LP release, the original 45 was produced by Errol Thompson for Joe Gibbs Music and was a huge dance hall hit. Anton Ellis' 1967 rocksteady smash, "
I'm still in Love", and Trinity's "Three Piece Suit" provided the basis for the backing rhythm, re-recorded here in 1977 with additional lyrics by teenagers Forest and Reid and, allegedly, Thompson himself.

Thirty-two years older, this one still radiates good tidings and rude health.

from "Uptown Top Ranking b/w Calico Suit" 45 (Joe Gibbs) 1977 (Jamaica)


jorshuwah said...

Thanks for posting! great song

ib said...

You are most welcome, jorshuwah.

By the way, your post on "me and er" ? My command of Spanish (Portugese ?) is appalling but I tried to read it regardless. Some French in there too.

"This is the rule of we" ?

Poetry, brother. And there is value in that.