Wednesday, December 9, 2009

drop dub massacre

Two rare King Tubby mixes - date of recording unknown - which appear on the 1999 Culture Press CD release, "The Fatman Tapes", reissued as "Crucial Dub" the following year on the UK imprint, Delta Music.  

Dub be thankul for what you got.

Produced by Ken 'Fatman' Gordon.
Mixed by King Tubby.

Earl "Chinna" smith: guitar;
Gladstone Anderson, Winston Wright: keyboards;
Robbie Shakespeare: bass;
Sly Dunbar: drums.

KING TUBBY: SOUNDBOY MASSACRE from "The Fatman Tapes" CD (Culture Press) 1999 (Jamaica / UK)
KING TUBBY: DROP DUB from "The Fatman Tapes" CD (Culture Press) 1999 (Jamaica / UK)


Big Ed Dunkel said...

This series is killin' me. BO!

ib said...

Hey, Big Ed.

Does that mean "killin' you" in a good way ? I'm often thrown by these abbreviations everybody seems to use; my wife had to tell me that LOL was not necessarily derogatory. BO has me stumped too, I have to confess.

Here's hoping you're not banging on the wall to get me to turn it down...


Guess I'll admit my inherent lameness here, but I don't own a cell phone 7 don't text, so all the new-sprouting abbreviations throw me for a loop as well. I think BED didn't necessarily mean killin' in a good way, from what I've dug up BO usually means Bug Off, Back Off, or the old-skool Body Odor (or Odour to you, Sir Ib).

Don't let Dim Stars chase you off DUB. There's always room for DUBBO.

word verification is rednism

ib said...

Shit! You just confirmed my fears, NØ; Body Odour was the first thing which sprang to my mind as well...

Bug Off is equally emphatic, if a tad less poetic. Oh well. I did wonder if it might be some ragamuffin term I was unfamiliar with.

I don't text either. My fingers are way to stubby for those little buttons.

Wha's UP! BED ?

anto said...

i interpolated Ed's comment as killin me - as in this is so good its too much nad BO! as you know, BO like what Ali G used to say. No? Ed, my street cred is riding on this, be careful, or I'll have to 187 you. whatever that fuckin means.

L lost my monile phone in a haze a few yrs ago. no one noticed or rang the house wonderin why i was uncontactable. so, i leave the yuff to all of that but must make engagements say with a days notice. people seem to lose their reason when requested as they like to pretend the phone has added a certain casuality to life which appears uptight luddites like me are not, howyousay?, down with.
fuckin twats.
sorry, watching the liverpool game. leave anyone in bad form.

roc said...

BO or bo has many definitions. The most popular definitions are "stupid" or "friend". Heard some reggae artists shout "Bo!" in songs. Don't know if that means anything. Anyway, liking all the recent Dub posts. Thanks much.

ib said...

Now this is more encouraging, Anto and Roc. Thanks.

Bo as in "Bo! Selecta", maybe ?

I generally detest mobile phones too. In as much as people feel they have a god given right to keep you online when you are taking a dump; having a wank; or robbing a post office.

Useful, certainly, but more nasty than indispensable.

Big Ed Dunkel said...

Killin' me as in "I love this shit". And yes, BO! as in "Bo! Selecta!" Back in the day, when I used to catch reggae acts in Montreal, the rastas would all yell that one out. That and "FIRE!", pointing up at the stage in celebration.

Thanks for these tracks. Ain't nobody matched Tubby.

ib said...

Thanks, Ed, for putting me out of my misery.

"Fire!" Now that is cool.

Every time I listen to Tubby I swear he gets better than the last.

Denier said...

I guess you can shout FIRE! in a crowded Reggaetorium! I've always loved LKJ's Dub remixes... absolutely mesmerizing.

ib said...

While I won't deny LKJ is a fine poet and performer, I always found his rhetoric vaguely off-putting. I kind of felt those white women prowling around were in a better position, maybe, to express their admiration.

I haven't heard those dub remixes, admittedly. I'll keep one ear open.