Tuesday, December 29, 2009

ice cold in alex

I have - voluntarily, you understand, and strictly temporarily - been sidelined in our somewhat communal living space to wearing headphones. This is something of an alien experience. Hand on heart, motherf@ckers, it shall not last; it does not even enter the Top 50 in my new year's resolution hit list.

So. I trust you are all, my siblings, enjoying the festive respite. If you have not yet resorted to refilling the pump-action shotgun which may or may not lurk at the back of the bedroom closet - or in clear sight if you are a defiant bastard after my own still-beating
- then you have my utmost respect and ongoing best wishes. Triple A. Upright and cardiovuncular.

But. If they have already wasted you in festive reprisal and removed your festering remains then please accept my condolences.

Ah, f@ck. It is a cold time of the year for the most part, and frostily appropriate if you catch my drift. If your great uncle has offended you and yours I trust you had the good taste to toss in a frag. That is what Yule Tide sinning is all about. Kill the f@ckers where they stand and shit and make amends in the cuntdown to this new year coming. 2010 and still taking prisoners.

I love you all brothers and sisters. If you have made it thus far we crouch united in our thrice predestined shackles and bonds. That is the way it is.

We are immersed in subdued screaming, all of us, and nothin' can save us.

Of course, I am a habitual drunk and unbent to salvation, so if you have chanced upon a key in the meantime when no one was looking please forgive my seasonal waffle and don't neglect to forward me the turned metal shard. Such donations are sacrosanct.

And if, like me, you are given to masturbatory woe then clearly I have no reason to beg forgiveness.

Peace and love, brothers and sisters, I am forever barking up the wrong sapling.

Take it away, Alex.



Löst Jimmy said...

I am currenty enjoying the festive break, well enjoying as much as my melancholy tainted soul will allow that is. ib, I wish you all the best to you and yours down Glasgow way. Here is to 2010 and all the blog posts and adventures that await.



Here's some ear-candy for the headphones for you, in case you're still dubbing.

Barrington Levy - In Dub: The Lost Mixes from King Tubby’s Studio
Sparse raw yard only dub mixes of the Jah Guidance album direct from King Tubby’s Studio - with the Roots Radics riding dancehall inflected remakes of classic Studio One & Treasure Isle material.

Various Artists - 21st Century Dub

While Bob Marley was in Japan in 1979, he met a group of musicians (foremost, percussionist Pecker of Yellow Magic Orchestra). They decided to get together in Jamaica in 1980 to record an East meets West album (with Marley, the Barrett brothers, Augusta Pablo, Judy Mowat, Sly & Robbie, & many more) at Channel One &Tuff Gong. A must-hear.

ib said...

I am glad you are enjoying the break, Löst Jimmy. A happy and fortuitous new year to you when it comes.

Actually, I only realized a couple of hours ago that Hogmany falls tomorrow. I had it it in my head it was Friday coming. We have just returned from Aldi on foot for the second time in two hours. We wandered around there filling our trolley full food and made it to the checkout only for me to realize I'd left my wallet in the house. There was nothing for it but to negotiate the black ice on the pavements and set back out again cash in pocket.

At least they allowed us to park our trolley in a side aisle until we returned. A "here's one I prepared earlier..." kind of moment. It was only as we packed our groceries that I noticed the new year's opening schedule.


Thank you, my friend. I have not remotely tired of the dub, and I'm looking forward to hearing the Barrington Levy especially.

Since my storage issues have mysteriously evaporated (!) there would appear to be no end of possibilities...

Bushels of good cheer and blessings, brother.

Brushback said...

Gee, I don't mind headphones, I use them all the time.

Hooray for more Alex Chilton.

ib said...

Well, it's strange thing with the headphones. I have external speakers on all the time, and I don't own any, so I had to borrow my son's.

I was fiddling about with the audio output when I noticed this eerie red glow - like something out of 'Repo Man' - and then I found I had lost all internal speaker output.

I have an older Mac PPC, and on investigation it seems there is really nothing too serious: there is a 'switch' on the audio board which, when turned on by inserting a jack, emits this red light. For some reason, the switch did not get reset when the jack was later withdrawn - resulting in in no inbuilt speaker output.

Anyway. I'm sure this is more than you ever wanted to know, but at least the fucking machine did not melt on me or blow up in my face.

I was vaguely concerned there for a while.

One can never have enough Alex Chilton in my opinion.