Monday, December 21, 2009

straight time. yule do.

And the weather forecast is thus:

freezing f@cking fog.

White snow, or not. Yellow. Slush. Or snot.

I have no idea why it is the case, but one of those few films I have watched ad infinitum is John Carpenter's "The Fog". It is not particularly a great film. Maybe not even close. I have long been an admirer of his one finger stabbing scores, but I don't think it's simply down to that alone either.

Not really. Not f@ckin' nearly.

"The origins of the Gorbals area date back to the 14th century, when it was a village - sometimes known as Bridgend - which grew up around what was then the River Clyde’s most westerly crossing point: a bridge completed in 1345 by Bishop William Rae of Glasgow, aided by Lady Lochow. "

Yes. At some none too remote point later - reputedly five years after the event - a leper colony was established by our Lady Lochow on the south side of that same bridge, directly in the heart of the Gorbals.

Hospital Street now marks the original site; a regenerated connivance replete with architectural tweeness and sculptural homage. Bow strung figureheads with outflung limbs.

Well. I have seen much worse.

Those scarecrows queuing up for methadone of a morning as I file my children off to school. Claiming the pavement in front of the pharmacy.
I don't like rubbing shoulders. Their saliva drying on the walls of our poky wee lift. Body fluids on the buttons.

Or worse. Cold fog threading a discarded needle.

The elevators are poorly designed. They have to stand the stretcher upright when removing a corpse. The dead and the elderly, both, resemble Im-Ho-Tep on the last leg of a European vacation.

Still. Even then. I'd sooner step on the unburied truth laid out like a festering heel than curtsey round a blackened toe.


photograph by mary ellen mark.


Löst Jimmy said...

Carpenter's Fog along with his other quintet of gems: The Thing, Halloween, Assault On Precinct 13 (the original), Big Trouble In Little China, Escape From New York never fails to bore me. I wholly agree that The Fog is not a great film but its raw low budget push plays on the mind and the signature soundtrack technique balances out well.
I should add honourable mentions to Dark Star and Christine. Later however, in my view the man lost of his way with the horrendous Snake Plissken reprise Escape From LA and the wholly lamentable Ghosts of Mars

ib said...

Yes. "Escape From LA" and "Ghosts of Mars" were lamentable.

I once met a Bavarian on holiday in Spain whose whistling rendition of the theme from Assault on Precinct 13 was so precise that he might easily have auditioned for Ennio Morricone.

ib said...

BTW. Apologies for the distinctly unseasonal tone of this one.

I banged it out, posted it; re-read it, pulled it, and posted it again.

The first draft was just so much drunken pish. More third form panties poetics than you could shake a stick at...

Löst Jimmy said...

It is better that some things are left unfestive, so the post was most welcome in my view

ib said...

Yo, Löst Jimmy. All this snow has covered a multitude of sins, but it still lurks just beneath the surface.

It is like a sugar frosted fecal log.


I was thinking about making a snide comment about my favorite Holidaze treat...Ye Olde Frosted Fecal Log with plenty of powdered sugar...then I thought not...then I saw the word verification & just had to...
WV= chip hypo
no lie