Tuesday, December 22, 2009

rude boy

Appearing on the Success label compilation, "
Yamaha Skank", in 1974 - reissued in 1990 on the Trojan CD, "Rupie Edwards & Friends: Let There Be Version" - this is, so far as I can gather, the earliest release by The President, aka Shorty.

Produced by Rupie Edwards.
 wet mix by ib.

SHORTY THE PRESIDENT: YAMAHA SKANK from "Yamaha Skank (V.A.)" LP (Success Records Ltd.) 1974 (Jamaica)


Ramone666 said...

Fun album that. Doctor Satan Echo Chamber!

ib said...

Jumping the gun a bit, or just telepathic ?

Ramone666 said...

Let´s call it synchronicity, mon.