Wednesday, December 16, 2009

graveyard shift

The instrumental version of "Another", which appeared originally on the flip side to their "Memories" 45.

Sessions for "
Metal Box", arguably PIL's finest moment, were reportedly as shambolic as those for its predecessor; and with drummer, Jim Walker electing to do just that, the scene was set for a succession of revolving part-timers.

Jah Wobble allegedly exacerbated tensions by setting one auditioning party on fire. Literally. Not as a result of incendiary improvisation.

An inferno raged through an eighteen storey block of flats late last night here in the Gorbals, killing one tenant and seriously injuring several others. The flames spread from veranda to veranda, eating up the cosmetic refit. The entire block was evacuated in the early hours, one of my son's classmates included. It seems unlikely they will be permitted to return to their homes in time for Christmas.

Chip pans are best avoided in multi storey buildings. Drunks and
pensioners should refrain from deep fat frying. Jah Waddell. Court in session.

Produced by Public Image Ltd.
Engineered by Nick Cook an
d Hugh Padgham.Recorded at The Manor, Oxfordshire; Town House, London; Advision, London.

PUBLIC IMAGE LTD: GRAVEYARD from "Metal Box" 3 x 12" (Virgin) 1979 (UK)



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Löst Jimmy said...

A notorious (in family circles) uncle of mine was a drunk who had a liking for indulging in full on fry ups during his drinking enjoyment. On more than one occasion the whisky soaked degenerate set fire to his council semi. This booze bloated relative,also had a liking of women's knickers 'borrowed' from washing lines or so I have been told by other family members, whispered behind closed doors of course.

Have a good weekend my friend

ib said...

There is an Arnold Layne in every generation, and possibly in every family cupboard, I suspect.

I am wondering if the recent Gorbals blaze had anything to do with a Calor gas heater smuggled in as opposed to a chip pan fire ? With escalating fuel prices - and the duty on a bottle of Bells - it is a distinct possibility.

Cheers, Löst Jimmy.

Löst Jimmy said...

Arnold Layne!
I had forgotten all about that track, a blast from the past. Candy and a Currant Bun anyone?