Saturday, December 12, 2009

message for the common wealth

Produced for Micron Music by Lloydie Slim.
Recorded at Randy's Studio and King Tubby's Studio, Kingston.
Mastered by Kevin Metcalfe.

"Special thanks to Lee Perry, Bunny Lee and Roger Campbell
who helped to make it happen."

Distributed by Carib Gems Ltd., 154 Rucklidge Avenue, London N.W.10.

PRINCE FAR I: PSALM 1 from "Psalms For Far I" LP (Carib Gems) 1975 (Jamaica / UK)


anto said...


piecing togther the events of last night, the wife telling me i was bopping my ample frame around the kitchen to all yr dub (naturally the kitchen) gettin the red glow going..showing her the dedication from yrself...watching Gimmee shelter and being amazed for the umptheenth time at how they got that footage..realising i was in a state comparable to the gurning hells angle that starts to go out listening to SFT Devil...then opening the 4th bordeaux of the night and watching the big lebowski for the nth time..christ.
keep it rolling

ib said...

'The Big Lebowski' is a film worthy of repeated viewing. As is 'Gimme Shelter'. For wholly different What a strange and mean spirited trip.

It sounds like quite an evening, and I'm glad these roots nuggets played their part in it. We were kicking back quite merrily until my wife brought home a bottle of Bourbon. The cheap stuff, I'm happy to say in the wake of that and a couple of bottles of Californian Merlot.

We finally fell to watching a re-run of 'The IT Crowd'. That's about all I recall.

I was relieved to see the Bourbon still nearly a third full when I peeled my eyes open this morning.

Cheers, man.


Leaving more links in your comments. You never said not too, so...& you're the one that started this Dub Phase.

Super Ape(1976) - Lee "Scratch" Perry & the Upsetters
Dub Gone Crazy - The Evolution of Dub at King Tubby's 1975-1979

ib said...