Tuesday, December 22, 2009

dr. satan's echo chamber

From the same Success album print as featured previously, this is Rupie Edward's "Dr. Satan's Echo Chamber"; appearing more recently on Metro's 2006 release, "Adventures in Dub", and the 2004 Trojan double release, "King Tubby's in a Fine Style".

It originally featured on the 1973 split 7" pressing with Rupie Edwards & The All Stars on the a-side, backed with Star The Marshall's "
Time Bomb" on the reverse; a deejay version of the Minstrells' hit, "Time Is On My Mind".

Hereby dedicated to Nathan Nothin' and Ramone666 for their help and support in digging up some gems in the rundown to X-Mas proper, "
Dr. Satan..." - the secret santa - is a King Tubby at the controls dub of "Yamaha Skank" overlaid on Slim Smith & The Uniques' "My Conversation". A crucial riddim that bites.

Merry X-Mas, brothers and sisters.

RUPIE EDWARDS & THE ALL STARS: DR. SATAN'S ECHO CHAMBER from "Dr. Satan's Echo Chamber b/w Time Bomb" Split 45 (Success Records Ltd.) 1973 (Jamaica)



Thank you from the depths of my soul, kind sir. Looks like Ramone666 (a # after my own heart) nailed the proverbial nail on its proverbial noggin. Now Sir I., your turn to telepath the vibe.

wv - harshar

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Merry Christmas to all ye who live above the 13th floor.

Don't you think it's a bit weird that reggae found any audience at all, beyond the aggro ghetto, in places like Scotland and Canada?

ib said...


Your return is infinitely more concise and eloquent than mine. Apologies for my drunken rambling.

My recollection of typing it is hazy at best. I briefly considered deleting it, but the horse had already bolted.


Happy X-Mas to you and Sonja, both. And the extended Hockey clan.

'Tis vaguely peculiar that such a tiny nation as Scotland embraced Reggae at all prior to the '80s and its global (but sadly diluted) dispersal. As I clumsily remarked elsewhere, it no doubt has some karmic - and maybe subliminal - connection to the very active Presbyterian role in the West Indian slave trade.

At this juncture, it is likely that we share the same inherited strands of DNA.

To say nothing of our illicit love for rum, sodomy and the lash.

Don't even get me started with regards to enforced familial nomenclature.