Thursday, December 24, 2009

midnight to six, six, six

Produced by Jimmy Radway for Feh-Me-Time records, this is Augustus Pablo's version of the Errol Dunkley hit of the same name.

Both versions appear on the Feh-Me-Time compilation, "
Keep The Pressure Down", covering the period 1974 - 1977.

Reissued through Prestige on CD sometime in the late 90's.

AUGUSTUS PABLO: CINDERELLA IN BLACK (VERSION) from "Keep The Pressure Down" LP (Feh-Me-Time) 1977 (Jamaica)

ERROL DUNKLEY: BLACK CINDERELLA from "Keep The Pressure Down" LP (Feh-Me-Time) 1977 (Jamaica)


@eloh said...

Thanks for the music ib, and Merry Christmas.

ib said...


Have a fantastic Christmas. You can write the socks off most people I have tangled with only on the printed page. It is a pleasure to know you, however remotely.

Love from Glasgow, from one asshole to another.