Thursday, December 17, 2009

in my neighbourhood

illustration by edward poncey. overdubbed by ib.

King Tubby's dub on Horace Andy & the Aggrovators' "A Quiet Place", aka "Dub Place", which originally appeared on Andy's 70's LP release, "Zion Gate". Reissued on Culture Press in 1999.

The dub was first released, for serious Tubby completists, on the 2004 Trojan double CD, "
King Tubby's in a Fine Style". If there is motorcycle noise somewhere under there it is very probably from one belonging to Bunny Lee.

KING TUBBY: A NOISY PLACE from "Savage Pencil Presents: Lion Vs. Dragon In Dub (VA)" CD (Trojan) 2007 (Jamaica / UK)


Ramone666 said...

Didn´t know this one yet - thanks and keep ´em coming. Btw Ib, are you familiar with Savage Pencil´s comic Rock ´N´Roll Necronomicon? Much recommended.

ib said...

I'm not a huge Horace Andy fan, but the dub is very good.

I haven't read "Rock 'N' Roll Necronomicon" but great title. Of course, I'm a huge Lovecraft admirer...

Less so H. R. Geiger.

ib said...

Abdul Al' Hazared, right ?

I once lived directly above an elderly alcoholic I nicknamed "the mad monk" - only behind closed doors, and then, muttering to myself - if such a thing is humanly justifiable.

I drank more than he did in these days, but the damage inflicted (on me) was (then) revocable.

His real name was Mr. Mole, if you can believe it. I suffer no guilt in telling you this; no doubt he is long since departed.

He was harmless enough, and had a very bad habit of leaving his front door open late into the night while toasting bread and listening to his radio.


Ah, one of my favorite books...erroneously called 'the Book of Dead Names', actually entitled 'the Book of Dead Laws'. Check out this pict of my inner left arm (the Necro symbol is fool-heartedly yet power-magickally reversed as must every spell & symbol from the Black Book). More information than you wanted or I should be revealing, I'm certain.

Big Ed Dunkel said...

For serious Tubby completists, indeed. Thanks.

Big Ed Dunkel said...

Dubbin' with the Dub Selector:

A flash-based dub sampler toy thingie. 9 tracks to play with. My 5 year old loves it.


to BED I just wanna say...
Guess I'm just a five yr old at heart.
Been loving the infinite wheel for hours now.

ib said...

Neat tats, you necromancer, you.

Big Ed, that is a serious gem. Infinite fun in the echo chamber.