Thursday, December 10, 2009


Recorded and mixed at the Upsetter's own ramshackle Black Ark Studio with King Tubby on the sliders, "Blackboard Jungle" showcases dub at its rawest; the fruit of the trinity of Perry, Ruddick and those house upstarts themselves. 

Released only in Jamaica on Perry's Upsetter label - a print run of just 300 copies - the album was reissued originally on vinyl through Clocktower in the US, and on vinyl and CD through Aurulux in 2004.

Written by Bucky Skank.Produced by Lee Perry.
Engineered by Lee Per
ry and Prince Tubby.
 The Upsetters:
drums: Tin Legs, Carlton Barrett, Anthony Benbow Creary, Horsemouth Wallace;
Bass : Lloyd Parks, Bagga Walker, Family Man;
guitar: Alva Reggie Lewis, Tony Chin, Sangie Davis, Barrington Daley;
piano : Gladdy Anderson, Tommy McCook;
organ: Glen Adams, Winston Wright, Touter Harvey;
trombone: Ron Wilson;trumpet: Bobby Ellis;
Percussion: Sticky,Lee Perry, Skully; melodica: Augustus Pablo.

UPSETTERS 14 DUB: BLACK PANTA from "Blackboard Jungle" LP (Upsetter) 1973 (Jamaica)


Ramone666 said...

To call this ahead of its time would be an understatement. So don´t you fumble, just be ´umble...

ib said...

For sure. If it hadn't been for the necessary DIY ethos; the ganja; and the dislocation from the industry norms elsewhere in the first world, it would have all turned out for the worse.


Totally off point (unless you consider Black P[S]anta) but it's that time of year again. Yes boys & girls, the coming of Brumalia. Ib, I have reposted the True Meaning/12 Days, so you can update the sibling whispers & I promise I'll leave it up this time.

Your driver said...

Some day I will tell the true story of my (limited) dealings with the Black Panther Party.

We are celebrating a dubwise Christmas with you Ib. I will try and get around to posting "Archie The Red Nose Reindeer" by Tappa Zukie. Hopefully before Christmas. It's long been a Christmas favorite.

BTW, When did this stuff get lost? I can listen to '70's dub all night, but as the years passed the minimalist stuff that dub has spawned gets lamer and lamer. The dull thud noises that they dance to in San Francisco clubs is indistinguishable from most other dull machine noises.

Darn Kids!

ib said...

"Black P(S)anta"! I like it. I wish that had occurred to me...

The tree will be going up this weekend if we stick to our guns.


Looking forward to catching the Tappa Zukie.

Funny thing. I was listening to some later dub while whittling down my makeshift playlist. Even the 80's shit sounds way too clean and soulless with the move to digital production. When you listen to Tubby and Perry, especially, you can hear the generator humming almost; the wings of mosquitoes and moths tapping against the hot glass of the studio lights.

I've never stepped foot in Kingston but you can smell it in these dubs.

"Everybody's looking for the last gang in town..."