Wednesday, December 23, 2009

marley's christmas carol

Many moons ago when we were all much younger - thirty years ago, to be precise - there was a certain Che who frequented the comments section on a Radio Clyde scheduled Wednesday evening show hosted by one Brian Ford.
Kicking off a full two hours before Peel's ethereal drone commenced, Che's lucid ramblings became something of a highlight; a paraphrased hot spot of local color.

Ah. Whatever happened to Che ?
I have sometimes wondered.

This was what white Reggae sounded like in 1979 when not channeled by more sophisticated urban upstarts with Mikey Dread to keep it authentic. Or Bernie Rhodes in the navigator's chair with the director's bullhorn.

One might quibble, but Burns could surely strangle a guitar and make it squeal.

Written by Bob Marley

Jake Burns: guitar, vocals;
Henry Cluney: guitar, vocals;
Ali McMordie: bass, vocals;

Brian Faloon: drums.

Produced by Geoff Travis and Mayo Thompson.

STIFF LITTLE FINGERS: JOHNNY WAS from "Inflammable Material" LP (Rough Trade) 1979 (NI / UK)


Your driver said...

Bro' Ib, just dropping by to say that I am still reading your every post. I am supposed to be resting and recuperating but life has had other plans. I am, instead, busy as hell and only enjoying parts of it. I suppose that's better than enjoying none of it.

I've really enjoyed this thread of dub and dub related postings. Reminds me of the days when reggae was about something dangerous and thrilling. Nowadays it seems to be the soundtrack for self satisfied stoner college boys. I enjoy being an old bastard. These kids today are just all over my goddam lawn.

If you want to get away from the Christmas bullshit I'd recommend a trip to San Francisco's Chinatown. It's a big neighborhood jammed with people and thriving businesses. Not nearly as beset with tourists as some of the local businessmen would like. One hears Chinese spoken much more often than English and yesterday I saw not one single Christmas decoration for blocks and blocks.

At the edge of Chinatown I went into the world famous City Lights books where the beatniks in residence were also ignoring "The Holidays". It was fun. You would have enjoyed the walk.

ib said...

Hell, Jon. I am glad to hear that you are - in part - taking a back seat. Or at the very least keeping away from the wheel ?

Chinatown sounds like they are keeping it real. Surrounded as we are by asian shops, there is little chance of us succumbing to the theatre of Christmas standstill. And the offsales, of course, do a roaring trade regardless.

It has been snowing steadily these past couple of days. Laying thick on the pavement if not the roads.

It seems like we will get our first 'white' Christmas in as long as I can remember. And, speaking of dub, here was me doing my utmost to keep it black.

Oh well.

I am sitting here typing with one finger while 'True Blood' plays on the tv. Seasonal entertainment I refuse to wholly miss. This is as much as I am able - or willing - to multitask.

I would have enjoyed that walk, mind you. I am fond of all those Chinese lanterns and the calligraphy too. Fortune cookies and wanton soup.

Keep the kids off the lawn. Unless they are building snowmen.

I saw that fucker in Washington on the news here pulling a gun on snowballing (adult) crazies. If I had a license I might have done the same.

Löst Jimmy said...

Yes whatever happened to Che, his image has been mainstreamed even Sonderbergh's recent biopic passed without a gun being fired.
I made my pilgrimage to Cuba as a young man and alas years later to my shame much of my fire in my belly has been stamped out by an oppressive system adept at diverting one's attention. The Revolution has been commercialised.

@eloh said...

Always interesting banter here. Not to mention hearing music I missed out on.

There has to be a psychic connection... I spent yesterday morning doing my Christmas shopping at the Orential Market... Jap pears the size of your head... and a couple tea pots and crap.

Stopped on my way back from Assville seeing the (always) worthless Mouthpiece and before that way out in the sticks seeing my old Army horse doctor... who has agreed with me to take another look at all this crap befalling these old bones. I am convinced I have allergies and will live to be over 100.

Anonymous said...

Always loved this version. SLF also took the reggae song Roots Radicals Rockers and brilliantly punkified it, quite possibly their finest moment.


Anonymous said...

I've always preferred the SLF version that comes off their "Peel Sessions" album, which I have never seen in CD format. Bummer.