Thursday, October 9, 2008

1969: ice from a song for lola

ice veils. tread lightly and you won't see the cracks.

A sliver of beautifully restrained psychedelic jazz (with distinct tones of Miles' seminal, "In A Silent Way") from the third Spirit long-player ; an album borne out of their collective contribution to the soundtrack of a 1968 art-house movie, "Model Shop", by French director, Jacques Demy.

One of three instrumentals written by keyboard player, John Locke, and allegedly improvised around the 1968 track, "Song For Lola" which can be found on the 2005 release of "Model Shop" on Sundazed.

Randy California: guitar, vocals; Mark Andes: bass; Ed Cassidy: drums; John Locke: keyboards; Jay Ferguson: vocals, percussion.

Once again, sympathetically produced by the versatile Lou Adler.

SPIRIT: ICE from "Clear" LP (Ode/Epic) 1969 (US)


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