Wednesday, October 8, 2008

day tripper ticket #65

photograph by robert anderson, 1993.

Originally released in December, 1965. A riff so strong neither Jimi Hendrix or Otis Redding could resist it.

With the Beatles there was seldom such a thing as a b-side. BBC Radio 1 playlists determined "We Can Work It Out" should be the one to incite commuters on the run up to the inevitable Christmas office party and a thousand boozy fumbles next the franking machine. Who can argue ?

After their gruelling visit to Shea Stadium in August, things could only get more interesting in the studio.

THE BEATLES: DAY TRIPPER from "Day Tripper b/w We Can Work It Out" 45 (Parlophone) 1965 (UK)

THE BEATLES: WE CAN WORK IT OUT from "Day Tripper b/w We Can Work It Out" 45 (Parlophone) 1965 (UK)



WZJN said...

It's so refreshing to see a Beatles track put up. Nice selection to boot! Stevie Wonder also had a hit with We Can Work It OUt - pretty damn good one also.


ib said...

Thanks, WJZN. The Beatles sometimes seem like too easy a score in a pinch. But, so what.

Hey. I like Stevie's cover too. Great version.

Mondo said...

Stevie's cover is a peach - have you heard the Lee Moses version of Day Tripper - scorchio!

PS - have you checked out Davey H's blog could imagine it'd be up your street

ib said...

Haven't heard the Lee Moses cover. Thanks for the tip!

Yeah, The Ghost Of Electricity is a fine blog. We are acquainted!

ib said...

He's up there in my "Honorary Siblings" links. As are you, of course.