Wednesday, October 22, 2008

ding-dong, the witch is dead

left to right: andy hummel; jody stephens; and alex chilton.

Three-piece suite: "Radio City" era Big Star - minus Chris Bell - doing exactly what it says on the tin. Contrast the fresh-faced Chilton from the Mala / Bell publicity shot in today's previous post with the wasted cadaver taking a back seat in the above photograph. A vacant stare seven long years in the cultivating, and a portent of a holocaust yet to come. No picture credit, sadly; but for some nicely detailed observations on John Fry's Ardent Studio in Memphis, where he recorded and engineered both "#1 Record" and its successor, follow the yellow brick road via the link provided below.

* Article by Richard Buskin.


Meghan McKee said...

ahhh Alex Chilton... where is that Replacements song when you need it? Hey, Glad to see you got WFMU on the side bar there. We at the station are happy bout that! I do all my podcasts from there and am currently waiting for my late night fill in shifts.

ib said...

Hey, Stagnant Artist.

Of course. I have been a huge admirer of WFMU for some years. I will have to check out your podcast.

Funny thing; I've seen your comments over on Blank Frank's place, so I immediately registered the pic (and name) but not the WFMU connection...

I need to pay more attention!

Meghan McKee said...

ahhh you would only have known from my blog... don't know if you would have known from my podcast.... so many places... so little time

ib said...

Well. I checked in on your blog and I've added you to my 'honorary siblings' links. It's getting crowded in there and I never use 'the', so I thought I'd mention it; as the only girl on the station you are deserving of the added exposure.

I'm glad you stopped by.