Monday, October 20, 2008

sibling whispers #16: slipping the tongue

sonic reducer ? stiv bators admires a prize winning entry; john mccain's crash economy diet. cheetah chrome seems bemused.*

I noticed there have been few sibling whispers of late. There is plenty happening out there, so perhaps I am simply growing hard of hearing.

Meanwhile, as token to remedy my chronic negligence in this department, you might want to head over to WFMU's Beware Of The Blog and catch up on some returning votes from their Photoshop Contest in celebration of Senator John McCain's recent supervised outings on American tv. The final closing date is today, 5:00PM ET,
with the winner(s) to be announced some time soon, I expect. Ciao.

* WFMU Photoshop Contest entry by Bob W.


Mondo said...

Great Photo - I promise I won't keep doing this but thought you may interested, there's some Lords Of The New Church and The Damned photo's of mine live at Crocs from '83 at this site Southend Punk

Go to 'Misc' from the top menu then 'Live Band Photos' and you'll see them there..

ib said...

Thanks for that link, and the navigation instruction, DC!

Great shots of both the Damned & The Lords; funny to think now of Stiv and Brian James playing together in the same band and on the same stage. Wicked.

dickvandyke said...

Not exactly sure of where I'm goin', but am still listening to the Lee Hazlewood track.

Thanks IB

ib said...

You're welcome! Lee is always worthy of deliberation... It's a journey back incrementally, possibly, but if you're lucky it is signposted.