Wednesday, October 15, 2008

chicago now #2: spiderwebbed

EFA 04950-2.

dedicated to the memory of michael f. cergizan.

dan bitney; john herdon; john macentire; douglas mccombs; bundy k. brown.

Recorded and mixed by John McEntire at Idful Music Corporation; Chicago, Illinois; November 29th - December 5th, 1993. Written by Tortoise for Wrapped in Rubber Music. Thrill Jockey Records / City Slang.

The sound of a cold fire slowly building. "Onions Wrapped In Rubber"; "Tin Cans & Twine." In a windy city buffeted by police sirens and the memory of prohibition dollars.

TORTOISE: SPIDERWEBBED from "Tortoise" LP / CD (Thrill Jockey) 1994 (US)



Unknown said...

"Standards" is never far out of my rotations, but I've never really expanded my appreciations further out.

Thanks for this guide-post.

ib said...

Yes. This is by far their best album, I think. I'd bought their orange 12" previously - I don't remember the title - after I heard it circulating on a home-made cassette, and that one was very good too. I'm not as familiar with "Standards" or "TNT", mind you.

Brushback said...

Yeah, cool song.

Anonymous said...

Thx for this. It's been on my to-do list to find out more about Tortoise, so this is a welcome primer.

ib said...

Hey, Emmett. Glad to be of service. I don't think they managed to come as close to this level of sheer excellence on later albums. The entire LP is on a par with this one track.