Thursday, October 16, 2008

you take my money

BUY 18.
looking a little the worse for wear.

Like everybody else right now, I am haemorrhageing money I can little afford while the greedy bastards out there have to downscale perhaps on their favourite vintage. I was so incensed on opening yet another bill this morning, I had to look up the correct spelling of "haemorrhage".

My son and I are forced to pogo around this freezing flat this afternoon just to keep f@cking warm. This only works in the short term, sadly.

Let me amend that a little. More accurately, I stumble about and hop once or twice like a frog in a plaster cast while my son stands to one side and laughs.

The GHA don't wish to spend any monies funding maintenance on this building - and have intentionally witheld funds for the past five years
or so - since it will be eventually coming down. Clearly, rent profits are better spent financing midweek pottery classes for their employees' creative edification; better to grease the wheels of public spending while throwing a wobbly vase. Meanwhile they continue to move new families in and nudge the balance sheet further into the black - unless they have invested that profit in an Icelandic bank, of course.

I could laugh, but the corners of my mouth are already cracked and bleeding. Stamping our feet is an altogether more sensible option.

Side A written by Brian James and Rat Scabies; side B, Brian James. Produced by Pink Floyd's Nick Mason and released in October, 1977.

THE DAMNED: PROBLEM CHILD from "Problem Child b/w You Take My Money" 45 (Stiff) 1977 (UK)

THE DAMNED: YOU TAKE MY MONEY from "Problem Child b/w You Take My Money" 45 (Stiff) 1977 (UK)




Mondo said...

I LOVE The Damned - seen them a quite few times back in the early 80s and then a couple of years ago - still has hot as ever.

What an underrated band how many books are there about punk, the Pistols and The Clash - tons. How many about The Damned - exactly 0. Why??

PS you can read my mini interview with Brian James about New Rose right here

ib said...

I have absolutely NO idea at all why the Damned don't get the serious attention they deserve. I agree with you entirely that "New Rose" is the definitive UK punk 45.

With their MC5 and Stooges influence you might be forgiven for assuming they would have found at least as much affection in the States as the Clash, but no...

"Damned Damned Damned" is still one of my favourite albums, bar none. I bought in Campbeltown, Kintyre in 1977 around the same time McCartney was topping the charts with the dreadful "Mull Of Kintyre". There was still a shop on the high street selling the type of Bay City Rollers tartan trimmed trousers RAt Scabies is wearing on the back of the sleeve.

Thanks for that link, Planet Mondo. I've put it up on the main post, along with a link to "Damned Damned Damned" here some time ago. Congratulations on getting Brian James to chat with you. I am jealous!