Friday, October 17, 2008

mccain: you'll love our fries!

exhibiting clear signs of microwave damage: agent orange.

Released in October, 1977. Still doing time. No hard labor.

Am I the only person out there who thinks this supercillious patented asshole walks the talk like door-to-door vacuum cleaner salesman cum serial philanderer and game show host, Hughie Green ?

"Yes, folks, and I mean this most sincerely...
Tonight, for my good friend, Joe the Plumber; Opportunity Knocks

Oh, I might like your fries. If only I could get the taste of slaughtered Colombian babies out of them. And the stench of burnt flesh.

You shameless motherf@cker. Let's go some one on one.

SEX PISTOLS: LIAR from "Never Mind The Bollocks Here's The Sex Pistols" LP (Virgin) 1977 (UK)



Nazz Nomad said...

turns out old "Joe The Plumber" is a registered republican who also is in arrears for not paying his taxes! And NO plumber makes $250,000!

ib said...

If I was American, I would not vote for Obama simply because he is black. Play the liberal race card and that way you might wind up with OJ Simpson.

But compare between the two. You have a lying sack of shit on the one hand, and an unknown quantity on the other. Use gut instinct, and Obama comes out way on top. On health care; foreign policy; and the economy.

I wish you luck.

dickvandyke said...

The Sky's The Limit.
Put them in a little booth with headphones on. Then bring on Monica Rose with a fizzing short-fused bomb.

ib said...

You may just have a valid point there.

Double Your Money.

CTV said...

You might've run the pic of McCain and his tongue to illustrate the character of the man.

What a sorry state of affairs that a dickhead like McCain was at one point ahead in the polls.

ib said...

Agreed. A couple of times there I felt compelled to edit what I'd written, only to surrender to a fresh surge of rage.

The more I learn of this world, the less I like. Words fucking fail me.

Nazz Nomad said...

at the end of the day, americans shouldn't be voting for the person anyway, they should be voting for the party. very little policy is controlled by only the pres, it's the party that sets most doctrine.

g.w. bush didn't even know where afghanistan was, but cheney and his cronies sure did... and that's where they wanted to make their money. we didn't go into iraq for regime change or weapons of mass destruction, we went in for the money that the republicans were going to make. of course, they misunderstood the situation- they figured it was going to be a quick 2 year operation and victory and all their profits intact. gwb was popped up in 2000 as the rebuplican's candidate because he was an OIL MAN... and who better to serve the interests of the oil companies! (exxon just reported record profits!)

everyone here is fearful that obama is going to make the usa into some sort of socialist/communist society. there are just as many millionaire democrats as there are republican ones. to think that the democrats would allow obama to interfere with THEIR profits is naive.

if obama is elected, the key elements are keeping the supreme court "left of center" which would allow pro-choice on abortion, reducing the military spending in iraq (we spend 30 billion a day there... money that WE need!), and curbing the religious right wing element.

we're less than three weeks away from regime change. i can't wait!

i will say this, if the republicans swindle the election again (as they definitely did in 2000 and most likely did in 2004) there will be rioting in the streets of america .

mccain cannot win unless something underhanded happens.