Wednesday, October 22, 2008

wall of voodoo

SP 70401. cover photograph by scott lindgren.

Written by June Carter with Merle Kilgore, and made famous by husband-in-waiting, Johnny Cash.

Stanard Ridgway: vocals, organ; Marc Moreland: guitar; Chas Gray: synthesizer; Bruce Moreland: bass, piano; Joe Nanini: percussion.

I first heard this version on a porn soundtrack in the early 80s. The video footage featured cowgirls with unholstered dildos in a studio rigged to resemble a campfire on a midwestern range. Cheap and rather nasty; it nonetheless did persuade me to go out and buy their LP. Produced by Phillip Culp & Wall Of Voodoo. Engineered by Jim Hill.

WALL OF VOODOO: RING OF FIRE from "Wall Of Voodoo" 12" EP (Index) 1980 (US)


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