Sunday, October 19, 2008

with a little help from my friends

no go show. photograph by brad elterman, 1978.

Recorded at the Chateau d'Herouville and Hansa Studios, Berlin. Written by Iggy Pop. Mixed by Tony Visconti. Produced, arranged and recorded by David Bowie. And a bit of a debt to Mike Leander, I tend to suspect.

IGGY POP: NIGHTCLUBBING from "The Idiot" LP (RCA) 1976 (US / UK)



Mondo said...

Love this tune - have you heard the Human League's rework? I must read that new 'Bowie In Berlin' book

ib said...

No. I'm not sure I want to, either; although I can imagine it working. It was a 'Caberet' period of time: Bowie; Iggy; and Lou. Too much smack. You can easily picture the sick bucket standing in the corner of Hansa Recording Studios. Great shit, but I always feel vaguely strange revisiting it now.

"Berlin" is my favourite Lou Reed album.

"Trainspotting" didn't do me any favours, in as much as it overwrote too many actual memories.

Mondo said...

It's not bad actually - from around the 'Travelogue' period

'Berlin' is probably my fave Lou Reed album - but it made me so miserable one evening (20 years ago) I haven't been able to listen to it since.

Have you seen the Classic Albums DVD of the making of Transformer - it's a joy and a gem.

ib said...

"Berlin" is pretty heavy going, admittedly. Long ago, I was in a relationship with a woman called Caroline, which led to some awkward moments. I have also been guilty of playing it at high volume while vacuuming, only to be interrupted by those children on "Kids"; then racing to turn it down lest my neighbours jump to the wrong conclusion.

"Travelogue" era Human League was ok. I will endeavour at some point to track down the making of "Transformer"; I have a lot to catch up on, but thanks for the tip.

Did you get those Viz quotes on your Tom Jones post ? Silly really, but it had me flicking through it like the old codger in the Yellow Pages ad of old with one finger doing all the walking.

Mondo said...

Just got them - I'd forgotten all about the Viz tips - excellent stuff.