Friday, October 31, 2008

tales from the crypt

publicity still from film adaptation of "tales from the crypt".
five part compendium; amicus, 1972.

"Screenplay by: Milton Subotsky.
Based on stories written by Al Feldstein, Johnny Craig and Bill Gaines, originally published in the Comic Magazines 'Tales From the Crypt' and 'The Vault of Horror' by Bill Gaines.
"Wish You Were Here" also suggested by "The Monkey's Paw" by W.W. Jacobs (uncredited)."

capitol T-2057.

Musical accompaniment from Ed "Big Daddy" Roth and his Philharmonic Jug and Juice Band. Vinyl rip courtesy of Dave's World. It don't sound right without them pops n' crackles.

Did The Cramps ever do a version of this ? They ought to.

MR. GASSER & THE WEIRDOS: HEARSE WITH A CURSE from "Rods N' Ratfinks" LP (Capitol) 1964 (US)




Mondo said...

It would sit neatly on Off The Bone wouldn't it - Tales From The Crypt is still one of my fave horror's - Vault Of Evil's pretty snappy - The Amicus biog The House That Dripped Blood is a great read too. I must see From Beyond The Grave - meant to be one of their best..

PS thanks for your comments about the 77 thing, Barry C was so pleased with it he got in touch after and we went for a couple of sips with a couple of his ex Record Mirror colleagues one night, (now if only I could remember all the gossip I heard )

ib said...

"Off The Bone" would have been the perfect place for it, yes. I haven't seen "From beyond The Grave" either. I haven't even seen the U.S. releases of those other; apparently the gore factor was upped significantly for American audiences.

The 77 piece was fantastic. Did you read Dadomo's interview with Syd, conducted between "Madcap" and "Barrett" ? It wasn't printed until '74 when "Terrapin" ran it. Syd sounds completely on top of his game. All that crap about his brain having been irrevocably destroyed through his acid intake.

Mondo said...

Yeah It's a great piece - and not at all the acid monster he's portrayed as (did you ever hear Marc Almond's take on Terrapin)..

Are you not tempted give Q and A's a go yourself - myspace is the way to do it almost direct contact with the band or one step away at most - always worth a go

PS thanks for the 77SS linky

PPS - Brian Clemens Thriller Series is fantastic if you want a small screen almost theatrical (as in intimate) version of Amicus.

Anonymous said...

I love the imagery on your blog, it never fails to blow me away.
I love the skull so much it inspired a poem.


I can see my eyes in your holes
and scratch my nose in your thin slits.
Having skin is the pits, worse than the shits.
Spots on a finished surface, finished whenever.
Ten, fifty or a hundred
Perhaps, in the time it takes to drink a cup of tea. I've waved my farewell to those who stood by, and didn't surrender.

Chris Marsden

ib said...

I liked that last line there, Chris. Nice.